Micro Markets
Island Display

Island Fixtures

One sided Island Fixtures      $1,275 (per section)

95 ¼ wide x 34” high 35” deep

Includes 6 shelves

Double sided Island Fixtures      $2,275 (per section)

95 ¼ wide x 34” high 48” deep

Includes 12 shelves

Single Island Fixtures      $995 (per section)

36” or 46“wide x 34”high 35” deep

Includes 3 shelves

Micro Market fixtures are customized to your visual specification. Panels are constructed of plywood with embedded threaded connection, and an exterior plastic clad for durability. Counter tops are constructed of 1-inch particle board with a black melamine finish.

Shelving is constructed out of steel wire with a durable powder coated finish. Depth of shelving is 19 inches. Shelving comes with product dividers that are adjustable in 1-inch increments.

Assembly is fast and easy with our slide in pin connectors. All panels are shipped with all the hardware preassembled. GTP’s packaging is excellent and you can rest assured your fixtures will arrive to your destination without any damages.

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